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Hi! I'm Marlies, a Los Angeles based award winning photographer (and sinfully-healthy food blogger)! I consider myself a bohemian at heart and have an adventurous spirit that constantly craves travel. I have been foturnate to live all over the United States, and wander my way through many parts of the world, including most of Europe and most recently Tokyo and Bali. I believe that all of my travels have made it easy for me to connect with people and make friends quickly! I am obsessed with beautiful, natural light and try to use it in my photography as much as possible, but I'm also unafraid of creating light if needed. I believe in making photographs that capture your energy, your essence, and your character. 

I have a fine arts degree from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Growing up I lived in 7 different states, including Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Utah, New York, Connecticut, and now Los Angeles, California, which I've called home for the past decade. I also spent half a year studying Art History and the perfect lattè in Florence, Italy. 


Likes: the smell of vintage books, silent films, mezcal cocktails, broadway shows, unexpected cobblestone, crushed velvet, and singing Taylor Swift in the car with my mini-me at the top of our lungs.

Fun Facts:  In 2009 I was on the game show, Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader. My daughter, London, was literally born in her bedroom at home. I once went to Toronto, Canada, and ended up in 2 different police cars in one night (it's a good story). I once broke my tailbone falling down the stairs and had to use a walker and foam donut for several weeks. I am left handed and have the same birthday as Madonna.